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See What You've Been Missing in RealD 3D

See What You've Been Missing in RealD 3D

Experience the mind-blowing RealD 3D! New digital approach, you can watch movies like they’ve never been seen before with amazing depth and clarity without sacrificing comfort. Experience your favorite films in a new dimension, at our stadium reclining seating screen 8, recently built with your enjoyment in mind.

Now available, kid-sized RealD 3D glasses, ages 8 and under, with the same  high-quality standards as adult size  for a bright and immersive 3D movie experience.


With RealD you’re not at the movies, you’re in the movies.

 RealD is the world’s leading 3D technology company, with over 28,000 systems worldwide. Our exceptional technology displays the brightest 3D systems, providing clear 3D images, which bring the directors visions to life in the most vivid way. 

RealD has the lightest, most comfortable 3D glasses. With circular polarized lenses you can move your head freely,without losing any 3D effects. Each pair of glasses has been individually wrapped for a sanitized, smudge-free visual experience. 

 Directors use 3D as a story telling tool that draws you into their world bringingyou closer to their characters, and addingdepth that enriches the narrative they imagined. 

Technology is the key to enhancing the visual experience, and at RealD we continue to perfect every aspect of the visual technology chain. Thankyou for choosing RealD and we hope you enjoy the movies as much as we do.